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Since its conception in 2011, CPL has become the access platform specialist of choice for the UK utility sector and beyond. CPL’s rapid rise is the result of an unprecedented combination of factors: one of the widest ranges of products in the country, including insulated platforms; a dedication to quality that our competitors struggle to match; and a proactive team that is committed to providing a full spectrum of services, from design to support.

With three UK manufacturing facilities spanning over 31,000²Ft, CPL is the only UK conversion specialist that manufactures over 60% of  platforms in house.

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CPL Isuzu P130A Video

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Forming Relationships that Work

We make it a priority to establish and maintain good working relationships with our customers.

« I’ve been working in the industry for a long time, and I’ve never come across an access platform supplier like CPL. Their attention to detail, commitment to service, and their range of access platforms makes them really stand out. […] »

« As one of the largest utility companies in the country, it’s vital that we are able to access the best vehicles and support available. That’s why we have a great relationship with CPL. They consistently exceed the service you’d expect from a business like theirs. […] »