Here we have outlined some of the main advantages of having a Van MEWP on your fleet.

The most obvious reason for a Van MEWP is the use of the space in the back. This area is ideal as a mobile workshop. With furniture becoming lighter and lighter, it makes sense to add shelving and racking to the rear of the van. This makes it not only tidy and easy to find tools but it is also a much safer way to travel. With lockable racking units, none of the equipment is going to move when you’re getting from A to B.

Another advantage for a Van MEWP is the choice of both vehicle and boom size. CPL, Klubb Group have the largest range of van mounted machines in Europe. We mount on vans as compact as the Nissan eNV200, up to 7t Iveco panel vans. The van platforms can be standard or a cutaway allowing for the basket to sit within the envelope of the vehicle. This is a popular choice as it makes the vehicle easier to maneuver within busy or tight streets.

Our boom options are also as varied. We have a range from 9m up to 14.6m on vans. This variety enables all work at height to be carried out easily, safely and efficiently. We have built van mounted platforms for industries including, Utilities, Telecoms, Electrical, Local Authorities and even tree and ground maintenance companies that need a little more room for their tools.

We offer a variety of fully electric vans with electric booms but also battery run booms mounted on diesel vehicles. This is a more eco friendly version but it is also much quieter and cost effective than running the vehicle while the boom is in use.

If you are interested in a van mounted platform contact us to discuss your requirements. We will help you to build the perfect MEWP for your work at height.