Here we have outlined some of the main advantages of using a Pick Up Mounted Platform.

The most obvious reason for a pick up mounted platform is the 4×4, all terrain aspect. These conversions can get you anywhere you need to be whether its muddy, hilly or uneven ground. This is why so many of the Utilities companies have a fleet 0f pick up MEWP’s.

Another advantage of the pick up is the outstanding working height and outreach on a 3.5t base vehicle. The P130 has a working height of 13.1m and a working outreach of 6.2m. With the suspension upgrade to 3.5t, this also allows for a great payload. Most of our customers will have a number of accessories added to their build to make life as easy as possible when on a job. This includes lockable toolboxes to carry PPE, tools and replacement parts.

Our 4×4’s have a 7t GTW allowing you to tow a trailer with larger equipment needed for your work. The suspension upgrade, all terrain tyres and tow bar are covered under type approval and are manufacturer approved conversion. This adds peace of mind when you add one to your fleet as you will not only be cared for by CPL but also the vehicle manufacturer.

As a compact unit, the Pick up mounted platform is a market leader within Utilities, Telecoms, Arborist, Rental, Electrical and Maintenance companies.

If you are interested in a Pick up MEWP, contact us to discuss your requirements. We will help you to build the perfect MEWP for your work at height.