Thanks to some savvy thinking from the Directors and a constant push for innovation. CPL are building more access platforms than ever before.

When the pandemic took hold last year, CPL immediately put safety precautions in place to ensure all staff were protected from the virus and from a lack of work. We ensured that all parts were ordered in advance to prevent delays from overseas and we made it mandatory to wear masks everywhere in the company.

To date we have not had to close the company due to lack of work, safety issues or lack of parts. We powered through and managed to build almost 400 units in 2020. At CPL we understand that strategy and planning is as important as workforce. With this in mind we have a full Process team working on the best way to build our conversions and how to make sure the quality is as good as it was when we were building half the amount we are now. Saying that, we always need good people, we have managed to expand our workforce throughout the process giving people job opportunities at a difficult time. Where we only had 3 employees dedicated to the finishing, we now have a team of 7 for example. This is an area we felt needed more attention so we have made sure we are equipped with a strong team.

Not only have we worked on our production capacity, we now have a substantial team of 10 working on the After sales and Maintenance of not just CPL equipment, but all access platforms. To make purchasing parts as straight forward as possible we have designed a parts manual on the website, with part numbers and drawings. If you would prefer to speak with someone, we have a member of the After sales team who’s soul responsibility is advising customers and purchasing spare parts for all types of equipment. We also have account managers assigned to specific customers to ensure we are doing the best we can to keep your equipment in top condition.

CPL’s pride in quality and safety has given us access to customers that previously purchased their access equipment elsewhere. Our orders for Van mounted platforms has over doubled in the past few months. This is due to achieving Full European Type Approval on all of our Renault Master conversions. We were the first to get this approval on Isuzu and Toyota so we thought it would be beneficial to do the same with this equally as popular base vehicle. We have also gained a strong reputation by being honest with our customers. We will tell you when our next available build slot is and we will stick to that promise. We understand that the dates we give you are the ones you use to plan your work.

If you have any questions about our company or our conversions, do not hesitate to contact us.