CPL have seen a steep rise in enquiries for Used Cherry Pickers. Lets take a look at the pros and cons of both new and used.

The main reason for purchasing Used Cherry Pickers over new is the cost. At the moment, a used pick up mounted platform in good condition should sell for roughly £25,000.00 but we receive several enquiries daily for used equipment and they are extremely difficult to find in a good condition. If you are thinking of purchasing a used machine, please ensure you check its full service history including the loler reports. Also, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. We can help you to make sure the equipment is in a safe condition. A new platform of similar spec is roughly £50,000.00. When starting a new company, the newer machines can seem expensive and finance companies may not be able to lend to a company with little financial history. We can work with you and the finance companies to ensure you can lend.

The issue we will likely see in the near future is legislation changes. Older diesel engines do not have an AdBlue system. This means that the vehicle has no way of reducing the amount of pollution created by a diesel engine. Consequently there could be large rises in the road tax paid by Diesel engine owners and at some point, they will be banned. Another issue that some of the older unit owners have is maintenance costs. Although an initial saving is made from the purchase, the maintenance costs on a 4 or 5 year old MEWP can be very expensive if it has underlying issues. As approved converters on all vehicles we mount on, the customer is automatically given the best warranty and breakdown terms possible. The customer should not see a difference between buying direct from the manufacturer or buying through CPL.

CPL, Klubb Group and all vehicle manufacturers are working towards cleaner roads and more environmentally friendly work at height. The latest P130 Isuzu D-Max is now fitted with an AdBlue system. This helps to eliminate some of the harmful particles in the Diesel. We also offer Green Pack technology on all of our conversions. This allows the boom to be operated with the vehicle engine switched off. We can mount onto a number of fully electric vehicles too. This provides a fully eco friendly access platform with no pollutants or noise from the vehicle or the boom.

If you need a platform for your work at height, Contact us for some free advice. We will help you choose the best equipment for the work you are carrying out.