Our lift platforms are easy to operate and all our products up to 13.8m can be mounted on 3.5T vehicles, this means they are ideal for the rental market.

The most popular model for the rental market we see is our K38p platform. This has the ‘traditional’ set up. With a 2-man basket and outriggers, the 13.8m boom can reach a lateral distance of 8m. This layout with the cage boom is what the rental market here in the UK is used to.

There has been an increase in adoption of our cutaway design though. Our KL26, KL32 (on 4.5T van) and K38p models are all able to be cutaway vans. The cutaway design sees the rear door of the van removed and replaced with a fibreglass cut design which is sealed and weatherproof. What this does is increase payload by 50kg and allows the interior back of the van to be a fully usable space. Our customers have different ways of using this for example without any doors in the way, the back of the van is fully rackable. Poly lining the van along with fully customised racking gives a whole new dimension to what is possible in the back of the van.

Another extremely popular model in the rental market is our P130 4×4 platform mounted on both the D-Max and the Hilux. As the unit is 3.5T it can be hired on self-drive. The unit can have bespoke toolboxes fitted, can be chapter 8 marked and with its type approval there will be no questions asked on any sites about safety certification. What sets the P130 apart is the usability of the machine. It can drive anywhere with its all-terrain tyres and 4×4 capabilities. The platform has an extremely versatile working diagram, and the hydraulic controls offer extremely precise controls and equally extreme durability as there are very few electronics on the controls there is less to go wrong with it.

Every one of our lift platforms has a QR code which links to manufacturer training videos including setting the machine up and emergency controls. This type of forward thinking allows rental companies the peace of mind that everybody who rents that machine has access to help prevent operator error.