Mercedes Benz Cherry PickerCPL have received confirmation of a manufacturer approval update from Mercedes Benz. This is thanks to our build standard and technical professionalism.

Strict quality processes within the company have ensured manufacturer approval from several of the leading vehicle names including Isuzu, Toyota, Renault and once again from Mercedes Benz which is renewed annually.

CPL has regular technical audits by the leading commercial manufacturers to provide evidence that we are going above and beyond the standards set by these organisations. These vigorous tests run throughout the entire company all the way from design to production to final testing of your vehicle conversion. This proves that we are building a product that is not only good quality but it also shows that we can work to these strict regulations to maintain a constant level of quality and professionalism.

In 2019 CPL was awarded Platinum partnership by Isuzu due to the quality and high standards of the conversions that are designed to be mounted on the D-Max. CPL were also the first vehicle mounted platform builder to receive Approved converter status and full type approval on both the Isuzu P130 and the Isuzu ATAT. 

Shortly after, CPL also received the accreditation of approved converter and full type approval for the Toyota Hilux P130 Hilux ATAT and most recently in 2020, the company received full type approval on all Renault Master builds after working with the commercial vehicle manufacturer for some time. This is a first for van mounts in the UK and prevents the long wait times for IVA testing on each conversion built. Working closely with Renault and other big names has allowed CPL to identify challenges from customers and relay these back to the beginning of the process. For example, CPL and Renault have ensured that air conditioning is an available option on the full van mount range.

Gaining manufacturer approvals ensures that the customer receives the best possible in life service for the base vehicle as well as the cherry picker. Warranty and breakdown covers are honored by the vehicle manufacturer as though you are buying direct.