Due to popular demand, we have built the first Ford Transit Van Mount.

We have been asked by our customers and approached by Ford to become approved converters. This is due to the fact we are both big names in the UK market.

ford transitThe first model is the K38P mounted on a Ford Transit. The transit is another light weight van allowing for over 400Kg payload left after we mount the K38p boom. To keep the weight of the build as low as possible, we have fitted an engine mounted pump rather than another battery. The K38p boom offers a working height of 13.8m and up to 8m working outreach depending on basket capacity. The Ford Transit can be fitted with all boom models in our range from the KL26 to the K38p.

This new model in our range of van mounts was first displayed at Vertikal Days in September and will be available immediately. The first order was placed by one of our Rental customers. They have chosen this partuicular design due to the versatility of the van and the boom. We also have scheduled builds on the Ford Transit for another large rental company in the UK. The K38p is a popular boom within this industry but we also see a trend within street lighting and telecoms sectors. The back of the van can be used as a mobile workshop due to the space and great payload. We offer a number of workshop solutions includeing racking, shelving and full vehicle lining to keep all tools and equipment safe and secure.

The Klubb Group and CPL have also been working on a new docking system.  The new design is a magnetic system. This is a locating docking system without any moving parts or mechanical switches which gives a simpler docking solution. This new system will now be used on all van builds going forward.

For full details, contact us to discuss your requirements and options.