2802, 2020

Work at height for window cleaners

Window Cleaning is a sector where workers are often required to perform tasks at some height. These companies therefore use different systems to perform aerial tasks. Employees can use ladders or pulley systems to climb [...]

1102, 2020

A run down of The Executive Hire Show 2020

At The Executive Hire Show 2020 CPL demonstrated one of the Klubb groups fully electric conversions, the K20 Goupil. The electric cherry picker is mounted on one of the most compact vehicles on the market. [...]

502, 2020

CPL become Platinum partners with Isuzu

CPL, the UK access platform specialists have been awarded a Platinum partnership by vehicle manufacturer giants Isuzu. Increased growth (more than double) in 2019, high quality and a long standing relationship are the main factors [...]

201, 2020

CPL finish 2019 on 340 built conversions

CPL, the UK access platform specialist are proud to announce that they have built over 340 conversions in 2019. Compared to 2018, CPL have doubled production due to improvements within the facility, new processes and [...]

912, 2019

The Isuzu ATAT is the perfect Christmas gift

Treat yourself to an Isuzu ATAT this Christmas Start the new year with a CPL Isuzu ATAT, the market leading tipper truck. With a 3.5t Suspension upgrade this Isuzu ATAT can hold up to 1300Kg in [...]

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