Project Description

10m Goupil cherry picker K20

Working diagram – K20 Klubb platform on a Goupil

The K20 Goupil lift platform has been designed to provide its users with an Eco responsiblevehicle that is compact enough to fit within all tight areas in the Urban landscape. The vehicle conversion is less than 1.7m wide when the outriggers are deployed.

This conversion has an impressive working height of 10.10m and working outreach of 4.10m. With a safe working load of 120Kg in the basket, this one-man light-truck lift platform conversion will cut project set up time in half.

Due to this the compact size of the Goupil, it is the perfect innovation for parks and green spaces as it will fit along cycle paths and through small roads. The conversion itself is extremely small but with large aluminium lockers, it can hold all of the tools needed to repair and maintain parks and small greens.

The K20 Goupil lift platform is just one of the largest collection of fully electric conversions designed by the Klubb Group. We can also offer the K20 eNV200 and the K26 Renault Master ZE. There is something in the range for every company working at height that is looking to become Eco responsible.

This conversion is fully zero emissions but all of the van mounted access platforms can be operated with the engine switched off and a green pack installed.

We offer a multitude of optional extras to suit any project. These include; Front, rear and cab beacons, work lights, reversing cameras, internal electric sockets, company livery and chapter 8 markings.

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Technical Specification

  • Max Working Height 10.10M

  • Max Working Outreach 4.10M

  • Rotation 420°

  • Walk in fibreglass insulated basket

  • Basket capacity for 1 operator 120Kg


  • Independent emergency manual pump

  • Proportional Controls

  • Secure access to the working platform

  • Aluminium boom for optimum stability

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