Project Description

13,10m -Isuzu P130 Pick Up Cherry Picker


Working diagram – P130 Isuzu Pick Up Cherry Picker

The Type Approved and Manufacturer Approved Isuzu D-Max Cherry Picker has been developed with a low centre of gravity, this is to improve road holding & off road capability. For instance, the safe working load has increased from 225kg to 240kg in the basket. And stability levels have been improved from four to five degrees.

The cherry pickers deck based controls have also been improved by being relocated to the near side of the vehicle, this is to enable safer and easier kerb side operation. The unit has received a 3.5tn air suspension upgrade with on board pressure gauges and self-inflating system. The Cherry Picker conversion is fully hydraulic, safer to operate and easier to use.

With an impressive 13.1m Working height and 6m Working outreach this 4×4 pick up cherry picker conversion is the perfect work horse for Utilities, Telecoms and the Arborist community.

Optional extras that can be requested on the P130A include; Rear beacons built into the body, full beacon pack which includes front, rear and vehicle cab to name just a few.

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Technical Specification

  • Max working height 13.1m

  • Basket floor height 11.5m

  • Max working outreach 6.2m

  • Aerial part rotation 360°

  • Basket max load capacity 240kg

  • Basket dimension 610mm x 1067mm x 1220mm

  • Hydraulic controls

  • Stabilization A+A

  • Weight 3.5t GVW minimum


  • Self levelling basket with manual trim

  • 5 degree stability

  • 24 degree departure angle

  • Fully hydraulic controls fitted in the basket and on the deck.

  • Knuckle remains within the confines of the vehicle envelope

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