Project Description

13,10m Hilux Cherry Picker P130

Working diagram – P130 Toyota Access Platform

The P130 articulated access platform conversion, is available on the ever popular Toyota Hilux chassis.

First introduced in 1968, this pickup is now in its seventh generation. Famed for its indestructibility by the BBC’s Top Gear back in 2010, the Hilux continues to go from strength to strength.

Available on 4 wheel drive, this articulated conversion is powered by a 2.4L Diesel engine. This develops around 146PS and 343Nm of torque. It features ABS, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Brake Assist (BA).

The Type Approved and Manufacturer Approved Toyota Hilux P130A access platform has been developed with a safe working load of 225Kg in the basket.

The Toyota Hilux rough terrain cherry picker deck based controls have been improved by relocating to the near side of the vehicle, this is to enable safer and easier kerb side operation. The unit has received a 3.5tn air suspension upgrade with onboard pressure gauges and an automatic self-inflating system. The Cherry Picker conversion is fully hydraulic, safer to operate and easier to use.

Designed and developed specifically for the Utility, Telecom and Arborist industries, the P130A Toyota cherry picker is a highly versatile machine. All external tracking has been removed so that you can work within the tree canopy without fear of damaging the hoses.

Optional extras that can be requested on the P130A access platform include; Rear beacons built into the body, full beacon pack which includes front, rear and vehicle cab, reverse camera, fully type approved tow bar, company livery and rear chevrons all installed at our factory by skilled technicians.

What are the CO² emissions for the Hilux?

The current CO² emissions for the Hilux are 185 g/km (combined) for the 2.4 litre manual, 178 g/km (combined) for the 2.4 litre push button start manual, 204 g/km (combined) for the 2.4 litre automatic and 189 g/km for the 2.4 litre push button start automatic.

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What makes the Toyota Hilux indestructible ?

Toyota will always prefer durability over comfort. They will underpower the engine. Everything is built to last. Did you notice that turning radius of a Toyota Hilux is pretty poor? By limitating the turning radius, they have eliminated a weakness point. Compare to a Land Rover, it is so much less comfortable but so much more reliable. There is nothing fancy, when you think, in a Hilux. They don’t even use self-supporting frame. Some people may see Hilux as boring compared to some other cars but this is clearly an assumed Toyota policy; everything in a Hilux is a safe, proven over time technology; everything is oversized or underpowered. In the end, Toyota, with the Hilux and Landcruiser, has built a well-deserved reputation of indestructibility (I would rather say durability).

Technical Specification

  • Max working height 13.10m

  • Basket floor height 11.5m

  • Max working outreach 6.20m

  • Aerial part rotation 360°

  • Basket max load capacity 225kg

  • Basket dimension 610mm x 1067mm x 1220mm

  • Hydraulic controls

  • Stabilization A+A

  • Weight 3.5t GVW minimum


  • Self levelling basket with manual trim

  • 5 degree stability

  • 24 degree departure angle

  • Fully hydraulic controls fitted in the basket and on the deck.

  • Knuckle remains within the confines of the vehicle envelope

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