Project Description

Telescopic with Jib truck mounted cherry picker

Max Working Height


Max Outreach


Articulated Jib


Max Aerial Part Rotation


Basket Max Load Capacity


The Xtenso range is a truck mounted cherry picker best seller.

KLUBB’s expertise in truck mounted cherry pickers enables CPL to offer a complete range of aerial platforms. These are equipped with articulated telescopic jibs, providing a high level of performance, outstanding safe working height, safe working outreach and a great safe working load in the basket.

Three models are currently available in the range:

The Xtenso3 truck mounted cherry picker by KLUBB, is an 18.5M truck mounted cherry pickers with lateral outreach of 13.90M, designed to be mounted on a heavy truck from 14tn using the chassis or workshop model.

The Xtenso4 reaches a working height of 21M with lateral outreach of 16.40M mounted on a heavy truck from 16tn.

Finally, the Xtenso5 features a working height of 25.5M and lateral outreach of 20M mounted on a heavy truck from 16tn.

All of these cherry picker models come with 280Kg basket capacity.

Operators can work comfortably while keeping excellent flexibility of movement. This is thanks to the articulated jib with its 180° pivoting range.

Lateral outreach with constant 280Kg basket capacity:

Infrastructure professionals often work with heavy loads in the basket. This is due to the need to lift tools and materials to high work zones. The Xtenso truck mounted cherry picker range is designed for outstanding lateral outreach of up to 20M with a basket capacity of up to 280Kg, including during use of the telescopic function of the articulated jib.

Proportional controls for all movements:

The proportional controls function allows for multiple movements simultaneously, while controlling the speed of each movement independently. It is possible to extend the telescopic arm quickly while turning the jib slowly in order to get closer to a facade. This feature saves a lot of time and provides ease of use which is highly appreciated by the operators.

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Technical Specification

  • Max Working Height 25.5M*
  • Max Working Outreach 20M*
  • Max Aerial Part Rotation 420°
  • Basket Max Load Capacity 280Kg*
  • 3 Man Basket
  • Articulated Jib 180°*

*Depending on Installation

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