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Articulated Aerial Work Platforms
  1. Max Height M
  2. Max Outreach M
  3. Rotation
  4. Load Capacity Kg
  5. Weight T

The Double Articulated Aerial Work Platform Series is an adaptable all-rounder suitable for a wide variety of uses. Commonly installed on a 3.5 ton Nissan Cabstar truck, these double articulated access platforms can also be mounted on all types of chassis above 3.5 ton, whether on or off-road.

The Palfinger P200, P240 and P280 range of double articulated aerial work platform conversions provide the best in working height and working outreach with such a compact size.

This articulated type of boom makes it possible to overcome overhead obstacles and obtain a greater outreach.

The articulated work platform is designed and manufactured to work on highway maintenance projects including road signs, bridges, lighting columns and cameras, tree work and building maintenance. When working on the side of buildings the pantograph boom configuration allows you to operate close to the building and move up and down parallel with only one operator.

The option of the basket slew means you are always in the best position to carry out the work whatever the positioning.
The subframe is made from high quality structural steel and is specifically designed to suit the vehicle chassis. This superstructure allows for the best possible payload.

The outriggers are installed on hydraulic extendable arms to give two stabilisation setups. This allows the access platform to be set up in confined spaces.
The P200A and P200AXE are specifically suitable for urban areas where there is minimal space to manoeuvre. This model has a working height of 20m and a working outreach of 8.4m. The safe working load is 200Kg meaning there is enough capacity for 2 persons and tools.

The P240A and P240AXE have a working height of 23.2m, a working outreach of up to 10.7m and a safe working load of 230Kg. This double articulated boom can also be fitted to a 3.5t truck.

The P280AXE has a working height of 28m, a working outreach of 15m and a safe working load of 230Kg. The P280AXE This double articulated boom can be fitted to a variety of 6t trucks.

Technical Specification

Working heights from 20m to 28m*
Max working outreach from 9.5m to 15m*
Aerial part rotation continuous
Basket rotation 90+90
Basket max load capacity 225kg to 250kg*
Vehicle weight 3.5t - 7.5t GVW minimum