Chassis Mounted Aerial Devices

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Chassis truck mounted cherry pickers can be used for many applications where work at height is needed. Among them are maintenance of telecom networks, maintenance of electric networks, tree care, maintenance of public signs and lights etc…

In this context, we have designed a wide range of chassis truck mounted cherry pickers with a telescopic arm allowing you to access from 11m to 24m in perfect security conditions. Very comfortable and simple to use CPL’s chassis truck lifts are particularly recommended for cherry picker rental companies and public services. 

Taking little space on the road, our cherry pickers offer many advantages such as the payload of the basket. The latter can indeed have two configurations, the first to hold one person with a maximum load of 120kg and the second to accommodate two people for a maximum load of 200kg.

Do you hire Cherry pickers? It could be more cost effective to purchase.

At CPL we have noticed a spike in the number of sales from companies that previously hired cherry pickers. If you are hiring cherry picker lifts on a regular basis, it is worth investigating the cost of finance to purchase. We have researched the cost of hiring and long-term rental. A vehicle mounted access platform costs approximately £300.00 per week to hire without an operator.

We work closely with several finance companies that can offer the same unit for £400.00 per week. At the end of this agreement you will have a great asset for your company. We offer a great range of boom lifts on all vehicles, these include pickup trucks, vans, chassis, heavy trucks and lorries, with working heights from 10 to 102m and working outreach from 4 to 35m. We also have a range of spider lifts or tracked machines. These are specifically useful for tight spaces and uneven ground.

Cherry picker aftersales service

CPL offer a full aftersales package to ensure your MEWP is in great working condition throughout the time you have it and when you decide to sell it.
On the other hand, if you prefer to rent or are looking at a short-term hire, CPL sell a variety of lift platforms to the largest hire and rental companies in the UK.

These rental companies cover all of England and will work with you to ensure the mounted boom lift you need is what they order from us. You can choose from a large range of extras to fit your work at height. These include: Tow bars, Chevrons and company graphics, a variety of beacon and lighting options, reversing cameras and sensors, power line indicators, internal weighing systems to name just a few. All the equipment is installed at our factories to ensure your cherry picker is ready for work straight from us.

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