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Chipper Tipper


Isuzu Chipper Tipper Truck

Isuzu Chipper Tipper Truck 2M 1300Kg Upto 3M³ Tool Box - 180Kg - O/S Locker - 10Kg The Isuzu Chipper [...]


Toyota Chipper Tipper Truck

Toyota Chipper Tipper Truck 2.2M 1150Kg Upto 3M³ Tool Box - 180Kg - O/S Locker - 10Kg The Toyota Chipper [...]

The CPL Chipper Tippers have been designed with the help of industry experts. Both the Isuzu and Toyota Chipper Tipper have a 3.5t suspension upgrade adding exceptional payload to the vehicles. Both fully type approved, these conversions come with manufacturer warranty and breakdown cover. With the option of secure tool boxes with an exceptional 190Kg storage capacity the CPL Chipper Tipper is the perfect workhorse for a number of sectors.

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