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  1. Product%20page%20scissors%20r13

    IM R13

    Compact and light, the IMER R13 offers excellent flexibility and transportability. As well as only weighing 1,460 kg, its simultaneous electro-hydraulic controls and 360° turret slewing mean it giv...

  2. Im-r15

    IM R15

    With its innovative design with fully enclosed structure, the IMER R15 brings hydraulically adjustable rubber tracks width for stability and traction. Its removable wired control panel offers preci...

  3. Im-r19

    IM R19

    Offering state-of-the-art a wireless radio-control system, the IMER R19 provides you with fast and versatile handling. With traction and stability for building sites and rough terrain and automat...

  4. Easy-up-5-sp

    Easy Up 5 SP

    As one of the most portable and manoeuvrable platforms around, the IMER Easy Up 5 SP offers incredible flexibility. Not only is it easy to transport thanks to its forklift lifting point and sling...

  5. Im-4680-mc

    IM 4680 MC

    The IM 4680 combines a weight of only 995kg and a stowing height of less than 2m, making it an excellent choice for transporting to various sites. It’s electric traction provides longer autonomy...

  6. Im-5990-ex

    IM 5980 EX

    CE - EN 280 approved for outdoor use, the IM 5980 EX brings all the IMER Scissor benefits into the outside environment. With many interchangeable parts (many parts are common to the entire range), ...

  7. It-10090

    IT 10090

    With excellent speed and gradeability, plus the ability to drive at full height and the ability to carry full capacity on the deck extension, the IT 10090 is a formidable access platform. All int...

  8. It-10122-ex

    IT 10122 EX

    The IT 10122 is an extremely versatile model and is suitable for indoors and outdoors use. Thanks to it oscillating axle, permanently engaged four-wheel drive and automatic levelling outriggers, ...