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Telescopic Chassis Mounted

  1. P170txe

    Telescopic P170 TXE

    These Telescopic platforms are designed to be fitted to either panel van or chassis cab vehicles. The telescopic P170 has the possibility to be mounted onto various on road and off road chassis and...

  2. Chassis%20mounted%20large%20main%20image

    Telescopic with Jib truck mounted cherry picker

    The Xtenso range is a truck mounted cherry picker best seller, KLUBB's expertise in vehicle-mounted aerial platforms, will now enable CPL to offer a complete range of aerial platforms equipped with...

  3. P90%20image


    The P90 series is a Telescopic Aerial Platform, a simple alternative to the double articulated platform. Highly versatile, this platform can be installed on a wide range of vehicles. Outrigger sta...