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Tracked P150AJTK
  1. Max Height M
  2. Max Outreach M
  3. Load Capacity Kg

Working at height within a restricted area requires specialist equipment. We have a range of tracked access platforms to suit a wide variety of work, enabling you to cut the cost of scaffolding, and increase efficiency and safety. Designed to work where other access platform or MEWPs are unable to, tracked access platforms are narrow tracked access platforms with narrow dimensions and low gross weight. Featuring very low floor loadings within their design, Spider Lifts are able to drive over delicate floors such as wooden or tiled surfaces, mezzanine, raised floor and walkways, under floor ducting, traverse rough terrain, soft ground, sports floors and pitches, the possibilities are endless. Can be offered as an electric, petrol or diesel model.

Technical Specification

Working height 14.9m
Working outreach from 6.5m
Safe working load 220kg