Tracked Aerial Platforms

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Tracked aerial platforms – also known as spider access platforms – are specifically designed to work where other kind of MEWP are unable to (confined spaces, passing under a door etc…). To allow boom lifts to access areas that traditional cherry pickers can’t all of our tracked platforms feature dimensions compact enough to enter buildings through standard single or double doorways.

The tracked access platforms are highly manoeuvrable, featuring compact dimensions and short overall length, the tracked chassis can be turned in a very tight space and can typically turn in an area not much wider than its own length.


TRACKED P150AJTK Spider Lifts

15m Tracked Spider Lifts P150AJTK Working diagram - P150AJTK Spider Lift We have a range of Spider lifts to suit [...]


17,7m Tracked Work Lift P180AJTK

17,70m Tracked Access Platform P180AJTK Working diagram - P180AJTK Tracked Machine Working at height within a restricted area requires specialist equipment. We have [...]

This spider lifts can extend up to 17,7m (58 ft), which is a very important aspect for all Arborist’s, maintenance work, painting applications and rental companies. These tracked access platforms have the ability to move around and be deployed on unstable or fragile grounds thanks to their track systems and their four lightweight outriggers. You won’t need to worry about hot or cold climates in spider lifts, as they can operate in most temperatures. (Although it can be dangerous to work outside during stormy or extreme weather conditions. Exercise your judgment wisely)

Why choose tracked platforms for working at heights ?
– They are compact machines
– They could be used in every environments
– Very low ground pressure
– Great balance
– Maneuverability and ease of use

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