Van Mounted Cherry Picker

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CPL’s van cherry picker offer the most interesting assets for maintenance applications in the telecommunications, cable television business and public lighting. This kind of vehicles provide safe and approved upfits. Our van aerial work platforms are the best solution for cities and narrow streets.

Why should you choose a CPL van mounted cherry picker?

Vehicle mounted lifts created for the city.
Choose CPL cherry picker van due to their compact size. The size and the light weight of the conversion assure you an easy drive anywhere in town. These vehicle mounted lifts are famous for their flexibility. You could easily manage your numerous maintenance jobs across the city, including narrow streets.

Multi-purpose van mounted cherry pickers.
CPL van mounted cherry pickers are a perfect partner to operators that maintain : telecom networks, electric networks, public lighting, CCTV systems and pruning.

A wide range of work platforms on vans.
Buy a CPL work platform on a van and still have a wide choice of access platform models. All are unique with their own working height and working outreach. With telescopic booms mounted on vans, you can reach heights of 9 metres to 14 metres and a working outreach of 5 metres up to 7 metres.

Help operators in their daily work.
This kind of vehicle mounted lift helps operators in their daily work. How? First of all thanks to telescopic booms which integrate a large basket where 1 or 2 people can work.

Installed on vans, CPL boom lifts allow operators to access their tools, neatly stored in the rear of the vehicle.

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